Wealth Management

  • Most comprehensive independent wealth management platform in the region

  • Cachet-engineered investment products synonymous with superior investment returns and rigid risk management

  • Open architecture to access the best financial products in the market

  • Exclusive access to special investment opportunities

Family Wealth


Global Banking


Innovative Financing


Bespoke Investment



Family Wealth Planning

Insurance advisory and trust services form indispensable core of family wealth planning.

Deep-dive into family situations to thoroughly comprehend financial necessity idiosyncrasies.

Systematic analysis of life, business, investments and aspirations to provide the most suitable strategies


Wealth Planning

  • Taxation

  • Relocation

  • Retirement

  • Succession

  • Philanthropy

Wealth Management

  • Discretionary mandate

  • Trade execution

  • Structured products

  • Alternative investments

  • Cachet in-house funds

Wealth Faineancy

  • Collateralized lending

  • Mortgage/property financing

  • Credit structuring

  • Single stock lending

  • Tailored financing

  • Customised credit solutions

​Global Banking Connections

Inimitable relationships with the most prestigious banking institutions around the world

Option to establish overseas bank accounts, in major financial jurisdictions, from client’s own country and with competitive fee structures


Innovative Financing Solutions

Exceling in designing solutions to unlock intrinsic value of hard and illiquid assets

Experienced in managing the liquidity matters of ultra-wealthy families and individuals

5 major types of solutions:


Share Pledge


Private Placement/

Block Trade





Private Equities


Financing Solution Cases

Kismet by Lurssen
Gulfstream G700
The Centre Hong Kong
Canary Wharf, London 2019
Lyrics Hotel, Paris

Bespoke Investment Advisory

primary types of investment advisory:

  • Portfolio construction based on client risk/return preferences

  • Dynamic management across banks and custodians

  • System-and-specialist-based risk monitoring

  • Tailored for investible assets of US$5 million

Discretionary Portfolios

  • Multi-family office background facilitates connecting to other families and sources of wealth 

  • Private debt, bridge loan, and syndicate loan opportunities

Club Deals

  • Financial advisory practice expedites access to unique possibilities

  • Private equity unicorn and white knight opportunities

Exclusive investment opportunities

Funds Offering

Cachet Special Opportunity Fund

Flagship fund highlights a proprietary hybrid fundamental and technical trading strategy

Constant outperformance since inception reflects an unparalleled vision and discipline

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